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Corporate Moving

Calabasas-movers-corporateCalabasas Moving Company understand that moving a business is drastically different than handling a local move. Corporate relocation is a  complicated endeavor that requires strategic planning, organization, and expert execution. Our qualified corporate Calabasas movers and knowledgeable moving consultants allow us to guarantee that your upcoming commercial move is handled smoothly and effectively.  Whether your office is moving across the US or across town, Calabasas Moving Company has the technology and the experience to make sure your equipment, data, physical files, furniture and even your water coolers are completely secure.

Here at Calabasas Moving Company, we understand that when you move your business you are essentially shut down. We also know that minimizing downtime in the business world is a sure fire way to maximize productivity. We know that when paperwork and servers are not accessible and/or up and running to full capacity, you can’t do your job properly. It is this understanding that drives us to handle your office move faster than the competition, promising to have your company, small business or non-profit situated in your new offices and fully functioning as soon as possible.

Our commercial relocation specialists can assist you along every step of your relocation including planning, inventory, disassembling, packing, and even re-assembling and re-connecting your computers and machines. Calabasas Moving Company has the ability to move thousands of items while keeping the inventory perfectly organized.